About PK 

PK trading and invest Inc. was formed to assist businesses looking to forge investment and trade alliances between Canada and Southeast Asia.

We provide the tools for companies to discover benefits beyond borders.

Our Story

Canadian companies historically have been overly dependent on trade with its traditional markets. The trade world has changed with more restrictions of protectionism and political relations. 

Today, trade agreements such as the CPTPP, CAFTA and RCEP have played a significant role in strengthening trade between Canada and the 10 member companies of ASEAN. We believe that it is time for Canadian businesses to become more proactive in reaching out to other Southeast Asian markets.

Vietnam, for example, with a population of 98 million, is a potential market with significant consumption power for Canadian products. The country is also gaining attention for being and efficient production nation with competitive labour costs.

Our Experience

With degrees in business management, media management, and economics & finance from accredited universities in the U.S.A, Canada, Russia and Vietnam our staff is well educated and equipped to assist you. Our team of consultants, lawyers and other specialists, are available when their expertise is required.

In addition to formal education, we have personal experience in international business. Our staff have travelled and worked with suppliers in Thailand, Taiwan, China and ASEAN countries, including the successful operation of a business in Vietnam and another based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba with an exclusive distribution contract between Canada and Vietnam.

“The team introduced us to the right people and facilitated a deal to help us expand into Vietnam.”

Why Work With Us?

Expanding business relations with new countries and cultures can be a daunting experience. Let our extensive knowledge, connections and business network help your company expand. We can help maximize your margin through production efficiency and costs and save you time by providing you with the right connections.

We have the experience to help Canadian and Asian companies with:


Trade shows


Sourcing products


Business networking


Building profitable business connections


Outsourcing manufacturing and OEM production


Increasing production efficiency and cost savings


Bridging the culture gap and language barriers


Providing valuable assistance in process facilitation with state-owned enterprises and projects


Profit maximization


Competitive labour market information


Custom market information and research


Labelling consultation (Made in Canada, Thailand, Vietnam, etc.)


Assistance with tax reduction, tariff elimination and duty-free regulations


Organizing exploratory visits between southeast Asia and Canada



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