Top Exports of Canada

Cars exported from Canada are valued at $47,632 million and the country is ranked 10th in top auto producing countries. Aircraft, helicopters, and spacecraft are the second most exported products at $7,322 million. Aircraft parts exported from the country are valued at $2,758 million. The top natural resources exported by value are coal ($6,766 million); raw aluminum ($5,570 million); iron ore ($4,569 million); gold ($3,730 million); and copper ore ($3,107 million). Top agricultural products are wheat ($6,317 million); rapeseed ($5,190 million); rapeseed oil ($3,398 million); pork (2,828 million). Other exports from Canada are potassic fertilizers ($6,519 million); pharmaceuticals ($5,162 million); sulfate chemical wood pulp ($4,390million); ethylene polymers ($4,022 million); gas turbines ($3,23million); spark-ignition engines ($2,740 million); and refined petroleum ($2,514 million).

Source: by Benjamin Elisha Sawe on June 4 2019 in Economics



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